Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Giorgio Armani

giorgio armani
Giorgio Armani,
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Even if one was not in touch with fashion and the designers behind them, you cann not notice the man. The man with the white hair and the golden tan. His silhouettes of the way suit jackets fit and were structured was a breath of fresh ingenuity.
Structural subtly and the color palettes of natural tones, and navy were heard throughout the world with awe. That was a decade and a half ago. Today, the man still has his white hair, and the golden tan. And unlike the big design houses, which were sold and bought like a garage sale, this man with the golden tan still owns his. 100% of it. It is rare to see, indeed. His clothes might be outdated somewhat to some, but for him to stick to his guns of how he started out, I applaud Giorgio Armani for it.

Friday, April 07, 2006

museo guggenheim bilbao

museo guggenheim bilbao
museo guggenheim bilbao,
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Frank Gehry is considered one of the most influential architects of the 20th Cenury. The question is why buildings are considered art when clothes are not by most people today? Is it because mass cannot copy a Frank Gehry design versus a Comme Des Garcon design? Is it that fashion has to change every 2 to 4 times a year? Maybe the reason is because buildings are used over and over again until it can no longer stand and it must be destroyed for a new design to take its place? Both take numerous amounts of time to come up with ideas? Maybe fashion is no longer cosidered art because so much money has to be made up after it is produced. This makes it more of a business then architectecture? But it should still stands as being art. Try to understand that buildings has to be paid throughout the construction of it just like clothing, hence patternamking,cutting, and sewing factories. Next the outcome of the building, the occupant(s) must pay rent or lease of the land the building that is it occupied on. What gives?
Thanks, disposable fashion!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

throwback jersey of Mariners, 1969

Sports. Particularly baseball. The oldest American sport. From tee ball to little league, collegiate to farm league, it is always about the passion of playing the game. Why? No corporate nit picking, no $$$ signs shown across the dotted line. Sports is not sports when it comes to the professional ranks. It is entertainment. Huge corporate business. Rules about how to wear the jersey; what fonts and colors can be used, how big, how small.
Thought on throwback jerseys? Bring them back. The scheme of colors and the style of the jerseys are as exciting as the game used to be. Bring back pastels and the bubble style letters. Away games, the teams can use the jerseys of now, but in home games, they should put on the throwbacks.
Vice versa. Don't have them wear it just because it is becoming a fashion statement and throwbacks are a hot commodity in terms of business. Major Leagues can make money off of other things.
How much are hot dogs and beers these days?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

i am a 38 regular.

That is my tailored jacket size. What is yours?